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11 December 2014

Gunilla Carlsson

Gunilla Carlsson appointed to Gavi Board

Sweden’s former Minister for International Development Cooperation will sit as an independent member.

11 December 2014

Dr Flavia Bustreo

Dr Flavia Bustreo appointed Vice Chair of Gavi Board

WHO Assistant Director-General will also chair the Board’s Governance Committee.

27 November 2014

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25 November 2014

Angela Merkel

Chancellor Merkel calls for successful Gavi replenishment

Chancellor’s message of support backs Vaccine Alliance’s plans to immunise 300 million additional children.

01 November 2014

India penta thumb

Pentavalent vaccine introductions represent historic milestone for immunisation in India

Rollouts in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan start two-phase process which will add 5-in-1 vaccine to routine immunisation programmes in every Indian state.

29 October 2014

Australian flag

Australia commits AUD 50 million to support immunisation in developing countries in 2015

"This commitment will make an enormous difference to lives around the world" - Julie Bishop, Australia Foreign Minister

28 October 2014

Nigeria map

Review of Gavi support to Nigeria

Audit of cash support in Nigeria relating to funds disbursed in the period 2011-2013.

17 October 2014

Immunisation activities in Melela Health Facility, Mtakenini Village, Tanzania

Tanzania to protect 21 million children against measles and rubella

Vaccine Alliance to support week-long campaign against two life-threatening diseases.

08 October 2014

Aid Transparency Index 2014

Gavi retains high ranking in leading transparency index

Vaccine Alliance praised for continued commitment to openness.

30 September 2014

Global Citizen Festival 2014 Norway

Norway to commit at least US$ 215 million a year to Gavi between 2016 and 2020

Commitment will support immunisation programmes in developing countries to save lives and protect children’s health.

26 September 2014

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Gavi Executive Committee requests options for supporting Ebola vaccine

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is to examine how it can help accelerate the availability of Ebola vaccines currently in development.

19 September 2014

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Gavi position statement on Ebola

Vaccine Alliance continues to provide support for health systems across the affected region

18 September 2014

Nepal IPV

Nepal becomes first country to introduce IPV with Gavi support

Nepal is one of 25 countries who have received approval to begin using IPV with Gavi support. Afghanistan and Pakistan are also planning to introduce IPV by end of next year.

24 July 2014


24 July 2014

Anopheles albimanus mosquito

Malaria vaccine takes first steps towards market

Regulatory review sought for malaria vaccine.

20 July 2014


Mourning the dead on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

World has lost a tireless advocate, among many others, says GAVI Alliance CEO.

11 July 2014


Dengue fever vaccine results published in Lancet

Detailed results from the world’s first ever large-scale phase III clinical trial for a dengue fever vaccine published in the journal the Lancet.

04 July 2014

Four new vaccines to be added to India's routine immunisation programmes

India to introduce four new vaccines

Government of India’s decision to add new vaccines to Universal Immunization Programme will save estimated 100,000 lives annually.

20 June 2014


Hepatitis B vaccine at birth – GAVI responds to MSF

GAVI respond to Médecins Sans Frontières and civil society organisations' open letter.

05 June 2014


GAVI Alliance thanks Norway for its support to the polio endgame strategy

The GAVI Alliance welcomes Norway’s commitment towards the global effort to end polio, led by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).

05 June 2014


G7 Leaders call on donors to support the GAVI Alliance to immunise 300 million more children

World leaders recognise access to immunisation as critical to the health and well-being of women and children

23 May 2014

Germany to host key GAVI Alliance replenishment event

Germany to host key GAVI Alliance replenishment event

Alliance seeks full funding to immunise hundreds of millions of children.

06 May 2014

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GAVI Alliance welcomes availability of Indian pentavalent vaccine

The GAVI Alliance welcomes the announcement that an additional pentavalent vaccine has received prequalification by the World Health Organization (WHO).

28 April 2014


First ever Phase III dengue fever vaccine trial complete

According to Sanofi three-dose vaccine led to 56% reduction in cases of dengue fever.

28 February 2014


Joint GPEI-GAVI statement on the Availability and Price of Inactivated Polio Vaccine

Joint GPEI and GAVI statement on UNICEF’s tender process.

30 January 2014

India to contribute US$ 4 million to GAVI

India commits US$ 4 million to GAVI Alliance vaccine programmes

Support will help save lives worldwide.


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