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04 December 2009

Health buys wealth

In low-income countries, rising income can buy better health, through improved nutrition, clean water and greater consumption of healthcare. Improvements in health can also fuel economic growth.

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  • Goldman Sachs
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01 December 2009

Strengthening cervical cancer prevention and control - GAVI-UNFPA-WHO meeting 01.12.2009

Report of the GAVI–UNFPA–WHO meeting: updating high-level decision-makers on comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control, the current status of the vaccine, vaccine introduction, best practices and lessons learned to date, and agency plans for moving forward.

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  • WHO
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  • WHO/RHR/10.13

20 November 2009

CSO call to action for greater involvement in GAVI

Civil Society Call to Action for greater involvement in the GAVI Alliance at the GAVI Alliance Partners’ Forum held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 20 November 2009.


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  • GAVI Alliance civil society organisation constituency
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13 January 2009

GAVI Alliance civil society meeting 8-9 October 2008

The GAVI Alliance held a meeting of civil society representatives in Geneva 8-9 October 2008. The approximately 25 participants were drawn from civil society in the countries eligible for GAVI support to CSO activities, the GAVI CSO

task team, and the newly elected CSO representative and alternate to the GAVI Board. The main objectives of the meeting were to learn from civil society organisations (CSOs) from the ten pilot countries for GAVI CSO support, and to

increase the awareness of CSOs as a key partner in the GAVI Alliance, including the development of a civil society constituency.


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  • GAVI Alliance civil society organisation constituency
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