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01 December 2010

GAVI Alliance Civil Society Constituency Charter

Many CSOs have involvement in a range of health and non-health activities. This Charter describes their involvement in GAVI activities.


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01 October 2010

World Pneumonia Day - Pneumonia: Solutions for a Deadly Disease

Globally, pneumonia kills more children each year than HIV, measles and malaria combined. And yet solutions do exist, and with political will and investments targeted to proven interventions in the world’s poorest nations, we can help millions more children reach their 5th birthday.

12 August 2010

GAVI Alliance civil society organisation constituency

The engagement of civil society with the GAVI Alliance is an evolutionary process which we seek to continue strengthening with your participation. The CSOs engaged in the GAVI Alliance are as diverse as the fabric of civil

society itself, and presently include large international organisations, local nongovernmental organisations, professional associations, and academic institutions. These CSOs are brought together by their common belief that

immunisation, as a means of improving MNCH and reaching the Millennium Development Goals, should be accessible to all.


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  • GAVI Alliance civil society organisation constituency
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17 June 2010

Report on Civil Society Forum 29-30 March 2010

Close to 40 participants from GAVI‐eligible countries as well as donor countries participated in the 29‐30 March 2010 CSO Forum. Participants achieved agreement on a structure for the GAVI CSO network and support for the

CSO Board member, as well as charting next steps for policy and  dvocacy engagement with GAVI. The meeting marked another milestone in strengthening civil society engagement with the GAVI Alliance, and the structure that was set up

to facilitate this will enable independent civil society discussions and input into GAVI policy and programme implementation – as well as hold GAVI to account at the country and the global levels.

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  • GAVI Alliance civil society organisation constituency
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25 May 2010

Rapport du GAVI Forum de la socieìteì civile 29-30 mars 2010

Près de 40 participants issus de pays éligibles au soutien de GAVI et de pays donateurs ont participé au Forum des OSC du 29 au 30 mars 2010. Les participants sont parvenus à un accord sur la structure du réseau GAVI‐OSC, ils se sont montrés favorables à un autre membre OSC au Conseil d’administration, et ils ont traçé la voie à suivre de leur engagement en matière de politique et de plaidoyer auprès de GAVI. Cette réunion a marqué une autre étape décisive en consolidant l’engagement de la société civile auprès de GAVI Alliance, et la structure mise en place pour faciliter cette consolidation permettra la prise en compte des discussions et des contributions indépendantes de la société civile dans la mise en oeuvre des programmes et des politiques de GAVI – en plus d’exiger que GAVI s’acquitte de ses engagements à l’échelle nationale et internationale.


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  • GAVI Alliance civil society organisation constituency
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01 May 2010

Health Systems Funding Platform: tackling MDGs 4, 5 and 6

With the five-year countdown to the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) underway, weak health systems in developing countries continue to undermine efforts to achieve MDGs 4, 5 and 6. Recognizing that MDG progress needs to

be accelerated, notably for maternal and newborn health, the overall goal of the new Health Systems Funding Platform is to strengthen country health systems by better integrating the delivery of services.

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  • GAVI Alliance, The Global Fund, The World Bank, WHO
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