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Video feeds direct from the Partners' Forum sessions & press conferences

Live video stream will appear below when a session is being broadcast. See the timetable below.

Live sessions

Session broadcast timetable

Thursday 6 December 2012
8:00Thursday Plenary
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13:00Sustainable Financing: Co-financing and Sustainability
15:00Vaccines and Cancer Control: from Hepatitis B to HPV
17:00Graça Machel-Nelson Mandela Dialogue

Friday 7 December 2012
8:00Friday Plenary
12:30Political Will for Health and Immunisation
16:30Closing Plenary

Press conferences

Press event broadcast timetable

Wednesday 5 December 2012
15:00Save the Children Press Conference
17:45Welcome Ceremony Press Conference

Thursday 6 December 2012
14:00HPV Press Briefing

Friday 7 December 2012
10:00Plenary Press Briefing
11:30Matching Fund announcement
14:30New Vaccines Press Briefing

All times shown are Tanzania time. To convert to your timezone, please use this service.

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