Financing goal indicators

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Gavi has selected three indicators to assess its ability to meet the financing goal of its 2011-2015 strategy

1. Resource mobilisation targets

Resources available as a percentage of resources required to finance forecasted country demand for vaccine support.


Additional information - signed grant agreements vs total pledges made for 2011-15, as of 1 March 2014


This indicator tracks Gavi’s ability to mobilise resources to finance forecasted country demand for vaccine support, and thus increase the predictability of global financing for immunisation.

Data source

The amount resources required to finance forecasted country demand are calculated through the Accelerated Vaccine Introduction Strategic Demand Forecast v2.0; total resources mobilised are measured through Gavi Secretariat records on a contributions basis.

2. Country investments in vaccines per child

The average amount spent from national health budgets on vaccines per surviving infant.


This indicator measures the level of national financing made available for immunisation and the priority that governments place on vaccines as a core public function.

Data source

The baseline and targets for this indicator were calculated by the Gavi Secretariat, using models that estimated the total costs of introducing all vaccines in a country until 2020. In future, the indicator will be measured through the Gavi Annual Progress Report and the Joint Reporting Form.

3. Timely fulfilment of co-financing commitments

Proportion of countries that meet their co-financing commitments in a timely manner.


The fulfillment of co-financing commitments is a measure of country commitment to financing vaccines, and thus a reflection of the sustainability of national financing for immunisation.

Data source

Data on fulfilment of co-financing commitments is collected by UNICEF Supply Division and the PAHO Revolving Fund. Both agencies record the receipt of country payments for vaccine, in relation to the deadline for submission of such payments.

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