Market-shaping goal indicators

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Gavi monitors the change in price of three Gavi-supported vaccines to monitor progress against its market-shaping strategic goal 

1. Change in vaccine price

Change in the total cost to immunise a child with pentavalent, pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines.


Tracking vaccine price over time is central to understanding the extent to which Gavi is achieving its goal to shape healthy vaccine markets for low income countries. Price targets have been set but are not being published in order to avoid setting a minimum price.

Data source

UNICEF Supply Division provides data on weighted average price per dose by vaccine on an annual basis. All prices are unloaded. Fully loaded costs are defined as the unit price of the vaccine net of wastage, and including unit costs of freight, the syringe and safety box (if necessary).

2. Security of supply

Number of products offered as a percentage of five year target.


This indicator is set up as a proxy measure of future vaccine supply sufficiency and security. It assesses the interest that Gavi generates among existing and new vaccine manufacturers to offer products for the Gavi market in response to tenders. The more products offered by different manufacturers, the higher the likelihood of achieving a broad supplier base and healthy competition among manufacturers. Progress is measured against the 2015 target.

Data source

Procurement partners provide data on number of manufacturer offers.

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