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Gavi has identified three indicators, each with specific targets, to measure progress against the 2011-2015 strategy's overall mission: to save children's lives and protect people's health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries

1. Under five mortality rate

The under five mortality rate measures the probability of a child born in a specific goal year or period dying before reaching the age of five, if subject to age-specific mortality rates for that period.


The use of this indicator reflects Gavi's commitment to contributing to global and country goals related to the improvement of child health.

Under five mortality rate is a leading index of child health and overall human development.

The fourth Millennium Development Goal (MDG) aims to reduce the under-five mortality rate by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015.

Data source

This indicator uses mortality estimates from the Inter Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation. This indicator is weighted using population estimates from the United Nations Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, World Population Prospects for the 73 Gavi eligible countries (as of 2010).

2. Number of future deaths averted

Number of future deaths averted as a result of pentavalent, pneumococcal, rotavirus, yellow fever, meningitis A, Japanese encephalitis, Human papillomavirus, typhoid and rubella vaccination in 73 Gavi eligible countries (as of 2010).


Gavi's impact in terms of averting future deaths from vaccine preventable diseases is intertwined with many other investments and actions -- most importantly those made by the countries themselves.

This indicator measures Gavi's contribution to averting future deaths, rather than exclusively attributing a portion of the impact to the Vaccine Alliance's work.

Data source

Gavi and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Joint Impact Modelling.

3. Number of children immunised

The total number of children reached with the last recommended dose of any Gavi-supported vaccine, corrected on a country-by-country basis so that children receiving multiple vaccines are not double-counted.


This indicator tracks the extent to which Gavi's mission to increase access to immunisation in poor countries is being realised.

Data source

The targets for this indicator are defined through the Strategic Demand Forecast. Performance against these targets are measured using WHO/UNICEF coverage estimates and United Nations Population Division estimates of the size of the target population in each country.

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