2016-2020 indicators

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In 2016 we launched a new strategy with ambitious goals and targets

In June 2014, the Gavi Board approved a new five-year strategy to ensure we deliver on our 2016–2020 mission. We rely on a set of indicators to measure our progress against the mission and strategic goals.

Scroll down for a full list of our indicators for the period. For more information about each indicator and its baseline and target, see “related downloads”.


Mission (aspiration 2020) indicators

  • Under-five mortality rate
  • Number of future deaths averted
  • Number of future disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) averted
  • Number of unique children immunised with Gavi support
  • Vaccines sustained after transition

Disease dashboard indicators

  • Hepatitis B burden
  • Rotavirus burden
  • Measles burden

Vaccine goal indicators

  • Reach of routine coverage
  • Breadth of protection
  • Equity of vaccination coverage by geography
  • Equity of vaccination coverage by poverty status
  • Equity of vaccination coverage by education status of mothers/female caretakers

Health systems goal indicators

  • Effective vaccine management
  • Data quality and consistency
  • Access, demand and service delivery
  • Integration of immunisation delivery into child health services
  • Civil society engagement

Sustainability goal indicators

  • Fulfilment of co-financing commitments
  • Country investments in routine immunisation
  • Countries on track to successful transition
  • Institutional capacity

Market shaping goal indicators

  • Sufficient and uninterrupted supply
  • Change in vaccine price
  • Vaccine innovation
  • Healthy market dynamics

20 by 2020

Gavi continues to help countries to build sustainable immunisation programmes. Nine countries have already started to fully self-finance all their vaccines introduced with Gavi funding. By the end of 2020, a total of 20 countries are expected to have transitioned out of our support.


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