• Request for proposals (RFPs)

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  • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is currently inviting offers for the Request for Proposals (RFP) listed below. Proposals should be for specific RFP’s for which proposals meet all the listed criteria.

  • Request for Proposal for “Access to appropriate pricing for graduated countries”

    Purpose (Objective): 

    At the request of the Gavi Board, the Secretariat is working with Vaccine Alliance partners to develop a proposal for Gavi to support graduated countries, as well as potentially other non-Gavi lower middle income countries (LMICs), with access to appropriate prices (ATAP) for vaccines. Specifically, the Secretariat has been asked to explore the potential limited support (i.e., excluding direct financial support for vaccine procurement) through a pooled procurement mechanism and/or other elements including a revolving fund, tiered pricing, demand guarantees and other risk-mitigating structures. A recommendation is planned to go to the Board in June 2015.

    This RFP is seeking a Service Provider to provide assistance to the Secretariat to develop recommendations. The support will include developing analytical frameworks and models and identifying and evaluating potential strategic options, in close collaboration with many Secretariat and Alliance stakeholders.

    Download the Request for Proposal 

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