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Gavi has now opened its 2014 round of applications for new vaccines and health system strengthening support

Materials are available to guide all applications submitted for 2014 cut-off dates

New in 2014

Applications for both New Vaccine Support (NVS) and Health System Strengthening (HSS) will now be accepted through the same application and review timelines. The General Guidelines document offers an introduction to the principles, policies and processes that are applicable to all types of Gavi support.

Countries are requested to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) as the first step in the application process. Submission of the EOI will be made mandatory starting with the September cut-off date for applications.

Country applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, so if a country misses a cut-off date, the application will be reviewed by the subsequent Independent Review Committee (IRC).

Application and review timelines in 2014 for all types of Gavi support


Submission deadline for Expression of Interest form in 2014* 

Submission cut-off dates for applications in 2014 

Independent Review Committee (IRC) meet to review applications in 2014 

 Gavi CEO or Executive Committee to consider and approve IRC recommendations 

For IPV only


6 February

27 February -
7 March

CEO approval within four weeks of the IRC

30 March

28 - 30 April

For all types of Gavi support (IPV, NVS, HSS)

1 March
(not mandatory)

1 May

23 June - 4 July

September 2014.
For IPV only, four weeks after IRC review.

15 May

15 September

10 - 21 November

February 2015.
For IPV only, four weeks after the IRC review.

* The EOI is not required for IPV applications due to the accelerated timelines of the polio eradication Endgame Plan. 

Gavi Application materials in 2014

New Vaccine Support in 2014 (including IPV)

Supplementary vaccine specific guidelines:  

Application materials for Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV):  

When applying for IPV, the following documents must be carefully considered and completed as appropriate, as well as other mandatory documents as listed in section 2.1 of the guidelines. These include the latest version of the EVM and cMYP. The completed application documents must be submitted electronically to the Gavi Secretariat at by the application deadline.

Please note that emails must be no more than 5MB in total. If the documents are larger than this, they should be submitted in multiple emails. If no confirmation email is received within two days of the submission of their application, the country should follow up with Gavi to ensure that the application has been received in time.

Application materials for HPV vaccination demonstration programme:  

Health System Strengthening Support in 2014

Application materials for Health system strengthening support: 

Who to contact

Requests for information on Gavi support can be addressed directly to your Gavi Country Responsible Officer.

Questions concerning the following submissions may be sent via email:

Applications for New Vaccines Support: 

Applications for Health Systems Strengthening: 

Annual Progress Reports: 

Information in French

Visit the updated section of the French website for all materials in French.

11 million

Gavi support had contributed to immunising 11 million children against pneumococcal disease by the end of 2013.


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