Graduating countries

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20 countries are graduating from Gavi support

Each year, some countries will start graduating from Gavi support, as their GNI per capita increases beyond the eligibility threshold.

Currently there are 20 graduating countries that are graduating and implementing a set duration of Gavi support that was approved in previous years.

Graduating countries


Access to pneumococcal vaccines

Graduating countries that have passed the eligibility threshold and are no longer eligible to receive financial support from Gavi for new vaccines, will continue to be able to apply for pneumococcal vaccines through Gavi and UNICEF at the terms and conditions of the Advance Market Commitment (AMC). These countries should note that they will need to fully pay the vaccine co-payment of US$3.50 from the outset. Countries that have not yet applied for pneumococcal vaccines and therefore meet these criteria are: Bhutan, Cuba, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and Ukraine. A simplified application process will apply.

Continued access to the Gavi price

Several manufacturers have made commitments to continue providing Gavi graduates with access to the Gavi price for vaccines which they introduced with Gavi support. Graduated countries would fully self-finance these vaccine purchases. The links below explain in more detail each of the manufacturer commitments.

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