Graduating countries

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As of 2015, twenty four countries are graduating from Gavi support

Each year, some countries will start graduating from Gavi support, as their Gross National Income (GNI) per capita increases beyond the eligibility threshold.

Currently there are 24 countries that are graduating and implementing a set duration of Gavi support approved in previous years.

Graduating countries


New approach to graduation

In November 2013, the Gavi Board agreed to strengthen Gavi’s approach to graduation to support graduating countries to advance towards the financial and programmatic sustainability of their immunisation programmes once Gavi support phases out.

According to this new approach, countries entering graduation have an additional year to apply for Gavi new vaccine support (NVS) and can access time-limited catalytic investments to support their graduation plans.

Health system strengthening (HSS) support is also available only to graduating countries with DTP3 coverage below 90% and can be provided until they graduate.

Access to pneumococcal vaccines

Graduating countries that have passed the eligibility threshold can still apply for pneumococcal vaccines through Gavi and UNICEF at the terms and conditions of the Advance Market Commitment (AMC). The vaccine price that these countries will pay under the AMC is determined by the AMC “tail price” and is set at a maximum of US$ 3.50 per dose. Countries that have not yet applied for pneumococcal vaccines and therefore meet these criteria are: Bhutan, Cuba, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and Ukraine. A simplified application process will apply.

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