Martin Schlumberger

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Martin Schlumberger is a senior expert with many years of field experience of vaccinations in Africa

Martin is a senior expert born and trained in France with many years of field experience of vaccinations in Africa. From 1974, he worked with NGOs in Burkina in infectious diseases (polio, tetanus and measles), prior to EPI, and was involved, with UNICEF-WHO, in testing programs delivering EPI vaccines. In 1977, with Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP), he took a position in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina, among OCCGE (West-African) medical/research teams, verifying EPI serologic, epidemiologic and nutritional benefits in close sub-Sahara countries. Hib studies were also conducted in Asia (Vietnam, India and Indonesia) with the help of Pasteur-Mérieux-Connaught. In 1990, OCCGE/AMP also introduced, with CDC help, field epidemiology and economic training, for district medical officers in West-Africa. This training was upgraded to a Master graduation, in Cotonou’s WHO (INRSP) center and with Abidjan’s Cocody University assistance in Ivory Coast.

Martin graduated with a MPH from Bordeaux, and a PhD in Tours University, France, after studying sera from Cambodian adults, which were in 1991 rarely immunized against tetanus. Following this, he spent four years in Chad in a WHO polio eradication program, with a grant from the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. Martin then returned to AMP, studying Adverse Effects Following Immunisations (AEFI) in Guinea, after a large Yellow Fever vaccination campaign in Guinea, supported by GAVI.

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