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National coordination forums, such as interagency coordination committees (ICCs), play a crucial role in overseeing immunisation programmes. To be eligible for new financial or vaccine support from Gavi, countries must show that their forums have a basic functionality

Effective oversight and coordination of immunisation programmes are critical to achieving national immunisation goals as well as improved vaccination coverage and equity. National coordination forums, including interagency and health sector coordination committees (ICCs and HSCCs) play a critical role in this work.

They aim to ensure:

  • strategic direction, oversight and transparency of the Expanded Programme for Immunisation (EPI) and related health sector programmes;
  • a coherent view on strategy, planning, funding and performance of the EPI programme within the context of the broader health system; and
  • complementary activities and investments.

Eligibility for Gavi grants

To be eligible for new Gavi vaccine or financial support, countries need to demonstrate a basic functionality of their coordination forum. In order to do this, they should adhere to the requirements outlined in our guidance document (see box below). However, Gavi recognises that strengthening a coordination forum is an ongoing effort and can take time. We will therefore show some flexibility in approving new support provided the country clearly explains how it will address requirements that it has yet to meet.

Strengthening coordination forums

Our support for strengthening coordination forums includes guidance on their membership, mandate and governance. The guidance builds on existing ICCs and HSCCs, while ensuring government ownership and leadership. Countries can also access customised, country-specific technical assistance provided by Gavi partners.

In addition, we provide a range of tools, such as templates for terms of reference and meeting minutes, a self-assessment tool and a dashboard to track performance. These can be downloaded below and adjusted to the specific country context and needs.

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