• New and underused vaccines support

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  • Gavi currently helps countries introduce 11 life-saving vaccines. Learn more about our support for each vaccine by clicking below.

  • Measles vaccine support

    Measles Cambodia

    Gavi helps to combat measles through four types of vaccine support: measles second dose, measles-rubella, measles campaigns and outbreak responses.

  • Rotavirus vaccine support

    Rotavirus Ghana

    Gavi supports developing countries to introduce rotavirus vaccines, protecting against severe and deadly diarrhoea.

  • Yellow fever vaccine support

    Yellow fever Nigeria

    Gavi provides yellow fever support for routine immunisation, campaigns in high-risk countries and emergency stockpiles in case of outbreaks.

  • 5 -> 16

    From 5 to 16 vaccine manufacturers supplying Gavi – from 1 to 10 based in emerging markets.

    2001: 5 vaccine manufacturers - 1 based in an emerging market;
    2014: 16 vaccine manufacturers– 10 based in emerging markets.


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