• How our support works

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  • Our grant cycle involves several steps, from a country’s application for new support to the review and renewal of this support each year

  • Gavi’s grant cycle

    Gavi's grant cycle

    Every year, Gavi reviews and renews its support to each country; this results in the delivery of vaccines or the disbursement of health system strengthening funding for the following year.

    Principles of Gavi support

    Our support is built on the principle of country ownership. Also, given the critical importance of immunisation coverage and equity, countries need to highlight in their applications how they plan to address these.

    Our approach aims to:

    • align immunisation programmes with national health plans and systems;
    • ensure the adoption of comprehensive disease control strategies that integrate vaccines alongside other health interventions;
    • build health systems to minimise socio-economic, geographic and gender inequities; and
    • provide catalytic and time-limited support, with countries successfully transitioning out of Gavi support.

    Countries are eligible to apply for support when their gross national income per capita is below or equal to US$ 1,580, on a three-year rolling average (according to World Bank data issued in July each year).  Find out more about Gavi’s eligibility policy.

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