GAVI Board meeting, 16-17 June 2010

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The GAVI Alliance Board met in Geneva, Switzerland

The Board approved a strategy for 2011-2015. In addition, it approved pilot prioritisation mechanism, programme funding system, resource envelope for cash-based programmes, and Board gender guidelines.

2. CEO report to the Board

3. GAVI Alliance Strategy 2011-2015

4. 2009 Work Plan Information and Update

5. Programme and Policy Committee Update

6. AVI Progress Report

7. Co-financing Policy Revision

8. Next Steps on the Pneumococcal AMC

9. GAVI Alliance Pilot Prioritisation Mechanism

11. HSS Resource Allocation

12. Financial Outlook


13. Programme Funding Policy

14. Fiduciary Risk Management

15. Revised Document Retention Policy

16. Resource Mobilisation

17. Governance Committee Update

18. Guidelines on Board Gender Balance

19. Nominations


20. CSO Representation on the Board

21. Approving the Annual Accounts

22. Appointment of Officers

23. GAVI support to India

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