GAVI Board meeting, 4-5 December 2012

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GAVI Board members in Dar es Salaam.
Source: GAVI/2012/Rob Beechey.

The Board met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and re-elected its current Chair Dagfinn Høybråten for a second two year term.

The Board welcomed the appointment of Richard Sezibera, Secretary General of the East African Community as an independent Board member and the appointment of the health ministers of Tanzania, Senegal, Benin, Moldova and Myanmar to represent GAVI eligible countries.

00a - Document list

00b - Agenda


01a - Declarations of interest

01b - Minutes from 12-13 June 2012

01c - Action Sheet


01d - Board Workplan - as of 20 November 2012

02 - Agenda


02a - Consent Agenda - Board and Committee member appointments

02b - Consent Agenda - Board Chair appointment

02c - Consent Agenda - Committee chair appointments

02d - Consent Agenda - Independent Auditor selection and Evaluation Policy

02e - Consent Agenda - By-law and Committee charter amendments

04 - Report of the Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee


06 - GAVI Alliance Business Plan 2013-14

07 - Long term funding strategy

08 - Chair's reflections on the day

09 - Chair's overview

10 - Tanzania presentation

11 - Risk management update


12 - GAVI and fragile states: a country by country approach

13 - New Strategy for Polio Eradication

14 - Country Programme and Health System Support update


15 - Health Campus option for Geneva office space


16 - IFFIm Report


17 - GAVI Board decisions

A - Annex-Fourth annual report on implementation of Gender Policy

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