Gavi Board meeting, 21-22 November 2013

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GAVI Board meeting Cambodia Nov 2013

Gavi Board members in Phnom Penh.
Source: Gavi/2013.

The Gavi Board meeting was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 21-22 November 2013. The current Vice Chair Geeta Rao Gupta was reappointed for a second two-year term.

Key decisions include the appointment of health ministers from Uganda and Guyana to represent Gavi-eligible countries, the Board Travel Policy, the opening of a funding window for the Japanese Encephalitis and Inactivated Polio vaccines and a new Vaccine Investment Strategy.

00a - Document list

00b - Agenda


01a - Declarations of interest

01b - Minutes from 11-12 June 2013

01d - Board workplan

02a - Consent agenda: Board/Committee member nominations

02b - Consent agenda: Vice Chair nomination

02c - Consent agenda: Committee Chair nominations

02d - Consent agenda: Appointment of Independent Auditor

02e - Consent agenda: IRC Member Emergency Appointments

02f - Consent agenda: Board Travel Policy

02g - Consent agenda: Amendments to the Budget Variance and Programme Funding Policies

02h - Consent agenda: Opening of Funding Window for Japanese Encephalitis

02i - Consent agenda: Gender Policy Review

02j - Consent agenda: TAP Policy Review

02k - Consent agenda: Dissolution of GAVI Fund Affiliate

03 - Country presentation –Cambodia - No paper

04 - CEO’s report



05 - Committee Chair reports - No paper


06 - Financial forecast and programme funding approvals


07 - GAVI Alliance Strategy 2016-2020

08 - Vaccine investment strategy

09 - Chair’s reflections on the day – No paper

10 - Chair's overview - No paper

11a - Risk management: Risk management update

11b - Risk management: Internal Audit: Audit of Enterprise Risk Management


12 - The Road to Replenishment 2016-2020: Resourcing GAVI’s long-term country demand

13 - Polio and routine immunisation

14 - GAVI engagement with graduating countries

15 - Update for 2014 to two-year business plan and budget

16 - Country Programmes update (including Health and immunisation systems strengthening)

17 - IFFIm report – No paper

18 - Review of decisions and actions - No paper

19 - Closing remarks and any other business - No paper

A - Fifth annual report on Implementation of the Gender Policy

C - Committee minutes (For information only)

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