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image Chief Esombe David Nanyowe of Bonadikombo Village near Limbe, Cameroon (first)

The main challenge for immunisation is to sensitise, to give information to the grass roots. I have four town criers who run around the village and give information to the population to come out for the vaccinations.

There are so many changes. We had so many cases of polio, yellow fever and measles especially, but six months after the vaccines were introduced we have had no more major cases.”

Njie Masoki Benson, Chairman Bonadikombo Traditional Council, Cameroon (second)

Traditional Councils of these villages are really taking care of the health of the people. So for that reason we control. Everybody who is in Bonadikombo is healthwise very okay. Measles was first eradicated through great efforts of our chiefs, as you can see. So for now we don’t have any more measles cases. 

The health service of our country provides through our traditional delegation, which is broken down through our local health centres. Through the health centres they pass out information to the Palace. And through the Palace the chiefs pass out the information to the quarterheads, using the help of the town criers. So the information is quickly spread, informing the people about what is happening and how to get the treatment. So if it is a case of vaccines, everyone is informed. It may be a case of coming here to the health centre or going to the quarterhead’s residence. The population know how to organize themselves and go according to their quarter heads to go and get the information or medication.”

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