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23 April 2019

Gavi item

Partnership welcomes launch of first malaria vaccine pilot

Funding agencies hail important step for the world’s first malaria vaccine.

17 April 2019

Anuradha Gupta Zathu Band

Challenging impossible: eight game-changing approaches to vaccination

Making sure that vaccines reach all children around the world requires a healthy dose of innovation. For World Immunization Week 2019, we are showcasing a series of innovations – from cutting-edge to low-tech – helping us in our mission to creating equal access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries.

03 April 2019


Cholera vaccination campaign begins in Mozambique

Following Cyclone Idai devastation, nearly 900,000 people will receive the vaccine from the Gavi-funded stockpile.

15 January 2019

Iceland Malawi statement

Iceland pledges US$1 million to immunise children in Malawi

Iceland becomes Gavi’s newest donor with historic pledge.

31 July 2018

INFUSE workshop

Fingerprint records and digital health cards to help solve global identity crisis

Four companies will receive Gavi support to help scale emerging digital identification technologies in developing countries.

07 May 2018

Zambian children

Largest cholera vaccine drive in history to target spike in outbreaks

Two million people in five African countries to be protected against cholera.

02 May 2018

HPV vaccine's introduction into Zimbabwe's routine immunisation programme

Cervical cancer vaccine introduced in Zimbabwe

800,000 girls to be protected against disease following introduction of HPV vaccine.

03 April 2018

Typhoid vaccination in Nepal

New typhoid vaccine to receive Gavi support

Gavi has earmarked US$ 85 million to fund the introduction of the vaccine in the world’s poorest countries.

07 March 2018

IWD Sri Lanka

How breaking gender barriers can increase immunisation coverage

Immunisation is generally known as one of the most gender-equal health interventions. But did you know that empowering women means more children – both boys and girls – get access to vaccines?

26 October 2017

Malawi MR 2017

24 October 2017

Aspen statement - Gavi CEO Seth Berkley and Peggy Clark, ED, Aspen Global Innovators Group

Gavi and the Aspen Institute to strengthen health management capacity in developing countries

Malawi will be the first country to benefit from the new partnership .

11 July 2017

Inky fingers point to healthy future for Malawi's children

Usually parents are quick to ask children to scrub their inky fingers – but not after a recent life-saving vaccination campaign in Malawi. Close to 8 million children’s fingers were marked with an ink stain to show that they had been immunised against two deadly diseases – measles and rubella.

23 May 2017

Seth Q&A

Big Ideas: Gavi CEO Seth Berkley's Q&A, Part II

Ahead of Seth Berkley’s speech to the 2017 graduating class at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC on 23 June, Global Health published a two-part Q&A with the Gavi CEO. In this second article, Seth shares his concerns about the expansion of the vaccine hesitancy movement, explains why digital identity technologies in low- and middle-income countries can help improve vaccine coverage, and discusses the value of testing the potentially important malaria vaccine.

24 April 2017

Mosquito malaria

Partnership supports launch of malaria vaccine pilots in three African countries

Funders hail next step in the development of world’s first malaria vaccine.

01 December 2015

Dagfinn Høybråten in Geneva 2015

'Deliver, deliver, deliver' – Dagfinn Høybråten reflects on five years as Gavi Board Chair

Dagfinn Høybråten will this week chair a Gavi Board meeting for the last time before stepping down at the end of the year. Here he reflects on five years at the helm of the Vaccine Alliance, steering Gavi through some of the momentous events in its 15-year history.

18 August 2015

Cameroon cholera campaign

People in Cameroon to be protected against cholera with Gavi-supported vaccine

More than 110,000 doses of oral cholera vaccine will protect people in the northern region.

18 September 2014

Nepal IPV

Nepal becomes first country to introduce IPV with Gavi support

Nepal is one of 25 countries who have received approval to begin using IPV with Gavi support. Afghanistan and Pakistan are also planning to introduce IPV by end of next year.

04 November 2013

Ghana HPV launch

Ghana to vaccinate girls against HPV with GAVI support

School girls in four districts to be immunised against leading cause of cervical cancer.

08 October 2013


GAVI statement on latest trial data on malaria vaccine candidate RTS,S

Latest data published by Glaxosmithkline and PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative

30 September 2013

Seth Berkley talks about life-saving vaccines at the Global Citizens Festival

GAVI CEO Seth Berkley joins Jeffrey Sachs of The Earth Institute and actress Olivia Wilde at the 2013 Global Citizens Festival in Central Park, New York to support Sachs' campaign to train and deploy one million community health workers across sub-Saharan Africa “who will help deliver vaccines to keep people healthy”. Over 60,000 attended the concert organised by Global Poverty Project (

29 May 2013


Vaccines against cervical cancer and rubella to benefit health of women and girls

Two new vaccines that help protect against cervical cancer, measles and rubella spearhead the GAVI Alliance’s commitment to improving the health of girls and women.

28 May 2013

Global Forum Cervical Cancer - Seth

Voices from the Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention

Over 400 Government leaders, policymakers, healthcare professionals, NGOs and corporate leaders gathered for the first-ever Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention on 27 May.

14 May 2013


Kenya first country to protect girls against cervical cancer with GAVI support

Kenya becomes the first country to protect girls against cervical cancer with GAVI-supported human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines.

14 May 2013

Gavi item

Cervical cancer vaccine success brings hope to millions of women

Cervical cancer is a scourge of women the world over, but particularly so in the poorest parts of the world, where it kills nearly a quarter of a million women every year, or roughly one every two minutes.

08 May 2013

GAVI HPV Vaccine Infographic

14 March 2013

One Direction 2

Comic Relief raises smiles, funds for GAVI

Comic Relief, the hugely popular UK charity, pulls out all the stops for its biannual Red Nose Day fundraising campaign today, bringing substantial visibility and support for child immunisation in the developing world.

04 February 2013


GAVI funds vaccines to protect girls against cervical cancer

More than 180,000 girls in eight developing countries are set to receive protection against the leading cause of cervical cancer thanks to human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines funded by the GAVI Alliance.

06 December 2012

Awards ceremony 7

GAVI awards countries and advocates for accelerating access to life-saving vaccines

The GAVI Alliance celebrated the accomplishments of 12 countries in increasing access to immunisation during a ceremony last night at the GAVI Partners’ Forum. The ceremony was hosted by the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Tanzanian radio host Taji Liunn.

28 November 2012


31 – Country driven programmes

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. A fundamental principle in GAVI’s business model is that the EPI program is the responsibility of the country and that it is owned and driven by the country.

28 November 2012

photo3 copyF

17 – Best practice in introducing new vaccines

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. The number of new vaccines being introduced in developing countries has increased significantly in recent years. Sharing successful strategies and best practices for introducing new vaccines is essential to ensure rapid, equitable, safe and efficient introduction and delivery of new vaccines.

09 November 2012


GAVI statement on latest interim trial data on malaria vaccine candidate

GAVI statement in response to the latest interim data on the trial of malaria vaccine candidate RTS,S published by Glaxosmithkline and Path malaria vaccine initiative.

29 October 2012

Malawi Rotavirus launch

Malawi to protect thousands of children’s lives with rotavirus vaccines

Malawi has become the latest in a growing number of African countries to introduce rotavirus vaccine into its national immunisation programme, offering its children the best possible protection against the primary cause of severe and fatal diarrhoea.

05 October 2012

Tanzania rotavirus rollout Sister Moshi

Useful information

Useful information for anyone attending the Partners' Forum in Tanzania: Climate, Passports & Visas, Health, Safety, General behaviour in public, Currency, Tipping, Electricity, Shopping

19 September 2012

Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony

13 countries receive awards; government leaders, parliamentarians and civil society groups receive special recognitions

20 June 2012

Ghana vaccine video thumb DT 2

The Great, the Good, the Glamorous and Ghana

The Great, the Good and the Glamorous are gathering in Washington DC this week to talk about some really big issues affecting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children and adults.

25 May 2012

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health administers the first Rotateq to a child at Gataraga, Musanze

Rwanda introduces new vaccine against a leading childhood killer

Rotavirus vaccines will protect children from severe and deadly diarrhoea.

21 December 2011

Malawi-Kids at Chifuchambewa village

Malawian mothers: three tales of suffering and hope

Three women explain how they lost babies to pneumonia because they live too far from health centres. Pneumococcal vaccine, now part of Malawi's immunisation programme, could have prevented their children's premature deaths. 

12 November 2011

Pneumococcal vaccines introduced in Malawi

On 12 November 2011, World Pnuemonia Day, Malawi became the 16th GAVI-eligible country to introduce the pneumococcal vaccine, protecting children in the country against the leading cause of pneumonia.

10 November 2011

08-GAVI-11-Riccardo Gangale-Kenya

New studies show progress, value in vaccination against deadly pneumonia

Advances lauded as Malawi becomes next developing country to introduce pneumococcal vaccine on Saturday - World Pneumonia Day.

27 September 2011

Accelerating Africa's access to rotavirus vaccine

Sudan's introduction of rotavirus vaccine earlier this year signalled the start of a wave of African countries ready to counter the world's leading cause of diarrhoeal deaths with GAVI support. In September, the Alliance approved funding for 12 more African countries to introduce the rotavirus vaccine.

07 July 2011

Immunisation advocacy campaign in Malawi

Through the GAVI Alliance's initiative, hundreds of thousands of children have been saved in Malawi, where civil society organisations are appealing to the government to support the health sector.

31 January 2011

Dagfinn Høybråten Chair

Letter by GAVI Board Chair, Dagfinn Høybråten, January 2011

Dagfinn Høybråten outlines his priorities to ensure that GAVI continues to succeed in saving lives through immunisation.

26 July 2010

Global health organisations call for increased commitments to maternal and child health at African Union Summit

On the occasion of the African Union Summit, global health organisations are calling for increased commitments to improve the health of women and children in Africa in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

14 April 2010

EB 2011 Fig 11 Hib vaccine

Hib Initiative: a GAVI success story

The GAVI-funded Hib Initiative paved the way for low-income countries to introduce vaccines against Haemophilus influenzae type b infection


19 November 2009

GAVI honours 15 countries

GAVI honours 15 countries for excelling in immunisation and child survival

Fifteen health ministers from low-income countries today received awards from the GAVI Alliance for their outstanding performance in improving child health and immunisation.

05 June 2009

WHO recommends global use of Rotavirus vaccines

The World Health Organization has recommended that rotavirus vaccination be included in all national immunization programmes in order to provide protection against a virus that is responsible for more than 500,000 diarrhoeal deaths and two million hospitalisations annually among children.

19 May 2009

Developing countries increasingly help finance purchase of life-saving vaccines

Twenty seven countries contribute to vaccine costs through the GAVI Alliance; up from just six in 2007.

15 May 2007

Poorest nations commit funds for life-saving vaccines

Developing country governments join GAVI Alliance in "co-financing" scheme to immunise poor children.

03 April 2007

Increasing immunization rates and new vaccine offer hope for Ethiopian children

A significant step forward to protect children against Hib pneumonia and meningitis.

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