Direct contributions

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Long-term commitments to Gavi in the form of direct contributions provide programme predictability to countries and enable Gavi to shape vaccine markets   

Donor pledges are crucial to sustaining Gavi’s currently funded programmes and the Vaccine Alliance’s ability to fund new vaccines.

In accordance with Gavi policy, the Gavi Board cannot approve or endorse new programmes unless sufficient resources exist to cover expenditures projected for the year in which they are approved and the following two calendar years.

Multi-year pledges and commitments

Furthermore, many immunisation programmes are long-term.

Gavi is committed to continuing to be financially prudent and support sustainable country programmes. In this context, multi-year pledges and commitments help provide countries with the predictability of funding that is essential to launching immunisation programmes.

A core priority to delivering sustainable programmes is to further drive down the prices of vaccines. Gavi’s market shaping activities are greatly enhanced by long-term funding commitments that give manufacturers visibility of future demand.

Delivering on commitments

Contributions from donors that fulfill their multi-year pledges must then be received in a timely manner so as to not interrupt the flow of life-saving vaccines and programmes.

Gavi’s programme funding team works to ensure donor contributions agreements are adhered to so that Gavi’s funding remains consistent throughout a given funding cycle.

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