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Manufacturers interested in participating in the Advance Market Commitment must follow a specific process

• AMC Manufacturer Registration Agreement

Suppliers that are interested in participating in the Pneumococcal AMC must first enter into an AMC Registered Manufacturer Agreement.

In signing the AMC Manufacturer Registration Agreement, a manufacturer formally agrees to the pneumococcal AMC terms and conditions; accepts to provide an annual update on the expected timing of an application for AMC eligibility and for WHO prequalification; and recognises the role of the IAC in the determination of AMC eligibility.

• Respond to UNICEF Call for Supply Offers

In support of achieving the AMC objectives, UNICEF issues Call for Supply Offers. These may be issued once per calendar year, or more or less frequently if so decided by Gavi in consultation with UNICEF.

Offers by manufacturers cannot be higher than the forecasted demand for the start date proposed by the supplier. Offers must not have a start date later than 5 years into the future.

• Enter supply agreement with UNICEF

Contact the AMC Secretariat

For any questions about participating in the Advance Market Commitment, contact the AMC Secretariat or download the latest version of Manufacturers FAQs 

Upon a complete assessment of each supply offer, UNICEF can enter into supply agreements only with those manufacturers whose products are pre-qualified by WHO and are deemed eligible for AMC funding by an Independent Assessment Committee.

UNICEF can also decide to enter into provisional supply agreements with those companies whose vaccine is under pre-qualification at WHO. Provisional supply agreements will automatically turn into supply agreements once vaccines are pre-qualified by WHO and are deemed eligible for AMC funding by the Independent Assessment Committee.

UNICEF may decide to award less than the total demand forecasted for the vaccine if this would support the creation of a healthy vaccine market including multiple manufacturers, meeting developing country preferences and matching supply with demand.

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