AMC inflation review application process

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How to apply for an increase in the tail price or tail price CAP

Pursuant to Condition 8 of the Advance Market Commitment (AMC) terms and conditions in the AMC offer agreement, AMC registered manufacturers have the right to apply for an increase in either the tail price or tail price CAP stipulated in their AMC Supply Agreements signed with UNICEF.


Please direct questions to Eric Godfrey, AMC Finance Senior Manager at the AMC Secretariat.

Inflation review application

The amount of this increase is directly linked to inflation. To provide specific procedures for the inflation review of prices, the AMC Secretariat presents the Pneumococcal AMC Inflation Review Application Process.

This document should be read in conjunction with Condition 8 of the AMC Terms and Conditions in the AMC offer agreement. Download Pneumococcal AMC: OECD GDP deflator data to guide calculations.

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