Leveraged partnerships

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Partners combine financial support with campaigns to raise awareness and generate demand for health services.

Leveraged partnerships

A girl receives the human papillomavirus vaccine during a demonstration campaign in Lao PDR. Credit: Gavi/2013/Bart Verweij.

Building awareness about the benefits of immunisation encourages parents to bring their children for vaccination. To help increase demand for immunisation, Gavi is joining forces with private sector companies and foundations with experience of working in emerging markets.


Our leveraged partnerships combine financial support with a mix of awareness-building campaigns and market expertise to generate demand for health services. These partnerships take a holistic approach, often combining immunisation with other development priorities — such as education, gender equality or hand-washing with soap.

By drawing on partners’ know-how and reputation, we can reach new audiences with information about the life-saving benefits of vaccines.


Girl Effect, Orange, Unilever, UPS-STEP/IFPW, Kushi Baby, Mastercard 

For information about individual investments, please see our donor profiles.  


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