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    11 June 2018

    New immunisation leadership and management training

    The Expanded Programme on Immunization Leadership and Management Programme (EPI LAMP) aims to strengthen national leadership and management of immunisation programmes in Gavi-supported countries. The inaugural nine-month programme is a collaboration between Yale’s Global Health Leadership Initiative, the Rwanda-based University of Global Health Equity, PATH and Gavi.

    08 March 2018

    Bill Gates explains the importance of the HPV vaccine to women in developing countries

    Introducing the HPV vaccine into developing countries helps prevent cervical cancer in women. On International Women’s Day, Bill Gates explains why this is such a priority.

    05 February 2018

    Rohingya refugee camps: diphtheria outbreak sends warning to all countries

    Since November 2017, there have been around 5,000 suspected cases of diphtheria among the Rohingya refugees sheltering at Cox’s Bazar in eastern Bangladesh after fleeing their native Myanmar. In humanitarian crises, disease is often the first emergency but this outbreak took aid workers by surprise.

  • Latest presentations

    11 December 2018

    Dr Seth Berkley, Mid-term review presentation

    Dr Berkley reflects on two topics:

    • Gavi’s progress vis-à-vis its 2016-2020 promises
    • Existing and future Gavi challenges as well as lessons learned.

    28 November 2018

    CEO Board update November 2018

    Dr Seth Berkley presents an update to the Gavi Board meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, covering key developments in the global landscape, strategic progress, previous Board decisions and updates from the Alliance.

    06 June 2018

    CEO Board update June 2018

    Dr Seth Berkley presents to the Gavi Board meeting in Geneva on how Gavi strategy is progressing, important changes in the global landscape plus how we have progressed on previous Board decisions.

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