GAVI’s Matching Fund announcement at WEF

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Gifts of US$ 4.5 million from two new partners: Comic Relief and The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. View images from roundtable breakfast at Davos.

26 January 2012

CEO Seth Berkley, pictured with UK International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

CEO Seth Berkley, pictured with British International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, thanks guests for supporting the GAVI Matching Fund. Under the Matching Fund's innovative terms, the British Government and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will match the new donations, bringing the total commitment to GAVI to US$ 38 million.

Jamie Cooper-Hohn, co-founder, President and CEO CIFF
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

Jamie Cooper-Hohn, co-founder, President and CEO of The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), confirms a US$ 1.5 million pledge to help GAVI purchase pneumococcal vaccine through the Advance Market Commitment.

Andrew Mitchell - UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID)
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

Andrew Mitchell announces that the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) will match the CIFF pledge. Under the Matching Fund, DFID  has pledged to match up to GBP 50 million donated by private-sector UK organisations.

Dagfinn Hoybraten, GAVI Board Chair
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

Dagfinn Høybråten, GAVI Board Chair, announces that Comic Relief aims to raise at least GBP 2 million toward children’s immunisation from the 2012 Sport Relief campaign.

Bill Gates at the WEP 2012
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

Bill Gates, co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, explains to guests why the Foundation will match Comic Relief’s contribution, making the combined gift of GBP 4 million.

GAVI envoy Bill Roedy, former CEO of MTV Networks International
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

GAVI envoy Bill Roedy, former CEO of MTV Networks International, who recently witnessed GAVI’s impact on immunisation in Bangladesh, explains the difference Matching Fund gifts will make to global vaccination rates.

Dagfinn Hoybraten pictured with Mary Erdoes, CEO of investment bank JP Morgan
Tanja Demarmels/GAVI/2012

Dagfinn Høybråten is pictured with Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, one of six organisations that have supported the Matching Fund partners since its 2011 launch. To date, the Matching Fund has secured at least US$ 38 million in pledges for GAVI programmes.

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