‘Report Card’ shows GAVI delivering on the promise

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One year on from Pledging Conference for Immunisation, GAVI lists its key results and challenges

GAVI report card year one

Geneva, 12 June 2012 – On the first anniversary of GAVI’s historic Pledging Conference, when donors pledged to support an ambitious immunisation agenda, a first-year ‘Report Card’ shows the Alliance is delivering on its promise to immunise 250 million children by 2015 -- and save four million lives.

Key results

The report, released at the GAVI Alliance Board meeting in Washington, DC, lists GAVI’s key results over the past 12 months. Milestones include:

  • routine immunisation rates across all GAVI-supported countries averaging over 80 percent;
    pentavalent vaccine introduced in 65 countries;
  • developing countries rolling out new vaccines against the major causes of the two biggest childhood killers in the world: pneumonia and severe diarrhoea;
  • first-ever GAVI funding windows for vaccines against human papillomavirus and rubella;
  • reductions in price of rotavirus and HPV vaccines for GAVI-supported programmes.


The card also details the challenges facing GAVI’s plan to assist developing countries to immunise a quarter of a million children by 2015:

  • strengthening health services to reach the one in five children who globally do not receive basic vaccinations;
  • fostering a healthy vaccine market to provide vaccine supply at sustainable prices;
  • improving the vaccine supply chain, the quality of introductions and subsequent performance;
  • focusing on countries that have not yet reached 70 percent routine immunisation coverage.

Other initiatives

The Report Card is just one of several initiatives by GAVI and its partners to mark progress since the 13 June GAVI Pledging Conference in London. At the event, 19 new and existing public- and private-sector donors collectively pledged their support for GAVI’s ambitious agenda.

Bill Gates, co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which pledged an additional US$ 1 billion to GAVI one year ago, published a blog and video about the heroic work by vaccinators in Honduras – a reminder of the vital role of health workers in ensuring vaccines reach every child.

Progress Report

GAVI has also published its annual Progress Report for 2011, which can be downloaded or browsed online on computers, tablets and smartphones, while a new UNICEF report highlights the huge potential to narrow the child survival gap between the richest and poorest countries by focusing on pneumonia and diarrhoea.

Child Survival: Call to Action

Later this week, in Washington DC, the Governments of the United States, India and Ethiopia, in collaboration with UNICEF, will convene the Child Survival: Call to Action summit. This will launch a partnership to end preventable child death.

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