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  • 01 December 2011

    Papua New Guinea Progress report 2011 thumb

    Small island states punch above their weight

    Papua New Guinea, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands lead the way in co-financing their vaccine programmes.

    01 December 2011

    Uganda - © UNICEF/2010/Marc Hofer

    Maternal and neonatal tetanus eliminated

    Uganda shows that tetanus eradication is possible through well supported and coordinated campaigns.

    01 November 2011

    Georgia Progress report 2011 thumb

    Graduating Georgia sees immunisation growing

    Georgia remains committed to sustaining the impressive expansion of its immunisation coverage.

    26 September 2011

    Tanzania rotavirus rollout Sister Moshi

    Preparations begin early in Tanzania for the introduction of rotavirus vaccines

    Health workers and Ministry of Health officials in Tanzania have are gearing up for a huge task as they prepare to introduce a new vaccine against rotavirus, the leading cause of severe infant diarrhoea.

    26 September 2011

    Sudan rota rollout - mother and child 18082011

    New vaccine to protect children from severe diarrhoea comes to Sudan

    Sudan recently became the first of many GAVI-eligible countries in Africa to introduce a new vaccine to protect children from rotavirus, the leading cause of severe infant diarrhoea.

    16 August 2011

    IRC gender balance group

    GAVI moves forward on gender equality

    With nine women and nine men, an independent review committee (IRC) to monitor country progress is GAVI’s first committee to have a gender balance and marks another step forward for gender policy.

    04 August 2011

    Afghanistan Progress report story 2011 thumb

    Civil society drives health improvements

    Afghanistan illustrates the vital role that civil society plays in providing basic health services in difficult circumstances.

    01 July 2011

    Sudan rota rollout - mother and child 18082011

    The Sudan introduces rotavirus vaccine

    Following the Sudan's introduction of the rotavirus vaccine, GAVI plans to introduce it in 40 GAVI-eligible countries by 2015.

    31 May 2011

    Ethiopia CSO 2010

    Reaching the hard to reach in Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, GAVI support for civil society organisations is helping the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association deliver routine immunisation to even the remotest communities.

    16 May 2011

    Madagascar - © GAVI/2011/Ed Harris

    Pentavalent vaccine makes a difference in Madagascar

    Madagascar shows benefits of health interventions with an impressive reduction of its under-five mortality rate.

    02 May 2011

    Honduras story thumb

    Partnerships key to immunisation success

    Despite significant challenges, Honduras has produced remarkable results in expanding its immunisation coverage.

    01 May 2011

    Pentavalent vial

    Kyrgyzstan finds one vaccine is better than five

    When Kyrgyz doctors first started using the pentavalent vaccine in 2009, officials in the Central Asian nation s health ministry noticed immunisation coverage rates were going down. But the doctors' initial fears turned out to be the vaccine's greatest strength.

    04 April 2011

    Armenia - © PATH/2011/Candace Rosen

    Supporting vaccine decision-making

    Countries such as Armenia can make informed decisions about their immunisation programmes using the expertise and information available through the Alliance.

    01 April 2011

    Agnes Binagwaho

    Co-financing, an investment in our children

    Dr Agnes Binagwaho, Permanent Secretary for Health at the Ministry of Health, explains why the Government of Rwanda is committed to GAVI's co-financing policy.

    31 March 2011

    Rwanda health clinic group lecture

    Rwanda immunisation brings benefits for mothers

    Rwanda health centre takes advantage of routine immunisation visits to teach mothers about benefits of family planning.

    10 March 2011


    Co-financing of GAVI vaccines on the increase

    Since 2008, the number of countries required to co-finance new and underused vaccines supplied by GAVI has nearly doubled from 26 to 47 in 2010.

    11 February 2011

    Kenya pneumococcal launch health worker

    Full marks for Kenya's pneumococcal roll-out

    Training sessions for health workers set to help Kenya achieve its pneumococcal vaccine coverage target.

    10 December 2010

    Bolivia rotavirus success

    Bolivia's successful rotavirus vaccine initiative

    Just one and half years after Bolivia became the first GAVI-eligible country to introduce the rotavirus vaccine, a disease responsible for almost half of all hospitalisations for diarrhoea from 2006-2008, is on the retreat.

    01 December 2010

    China HepB story child

    China's dramatic fall in hepatitis B infections

    From 2002-2010, GAVI co-funded immunisation against hepatitis B in the west and central provinces of China. Today, less than 1% of children under 5 are chronic carriers of hepB.

    26 November 2010

    EB 2011 Fig 16 manufacturers

    GAVI model increases vaccine manufacturers

    The steady rise in the number of vaccine manufacturers based in emerging economies since 2001 represents a tell-tale sign of GAVI's true impact on the vaccine market.

    26 November 2010

    EB 2011 Fig 15 Increasing global immun

    GAVI helps DTP3 coverage rise after stagnation

    While GAVI was set up first and foremost to help countries introduce new and under-used vaccines, its programme support has also increased global access to the long-existing vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP).

    26 November 2010

    HSS Vietnam health workers

    GAVI funds training for health volunteers in Vietnam

    GAVI support for strengthening the Vietnamese health service brings training and resources to even the remotest areas.

    20 November 2010

    Nepal HSS health workers

    Donors unite to finance Nepal health system

    GAVI and other leading donors to Nepal channel their financial support through a single system to streamline assistance for the national health programme.

    17 November 2010

    HSS Cambodia mother child landscape

    HSS raises Cambodian mothers’ survival chances

    In the first five years of the millennium, Cambodia achieved an almost 30% drop in infant and child mortality rates, but improvements in women's health failed to keep pace.

    01 November 2010

    Vaccines boost economic growth in poorest countries

    Vaccines bring added value to the economies of the world's poorest countries with GAVI's investment in immunisation set to yield an 18% rate of return by 2020, according to a Harvard School of Public Health study.

    27 September 2010

    Rwanda health clinic 2010 - injection

    Rwanda's pneumococcal vaccine roll-out, one year on

    It has been a little over a year since Rwanda introduced a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine known as PCV7. The vaccine protects children against one of the most common causes of pneumonia – with encouraging results.

    09 August 2010

    Table 4 GAVI donor rankings

    GAVI ranks fifth in aid quality report

    GAVI ranks fifth out of 38 bilateral and multilateral donors in a study measuring donors' performance against best practices established at the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

    21 July 2010

    Tiered pricing

    GAVI approach creates tiered pricing for vaccines

    For the pharmaceutical industry to offer fixed lower prices for developing countries, manufacturers need to see a vaccine market with sufficient size and income to cover their costs.

    16 June 2010

    Progress report child waving

    GAVI Progress Report heralds 10th anniversary

    Despite the backdrop of a global financial crisis, GAVI received a record number of applications for funding from low-income countries in 2009, according to the latest edition of the Alliance's annual Progress Report.

    05 May 2010

    EB 2011 Fig 17 Hep B price

    GAVI impact on vaccine market behind price drop

    By pooling donor contributions to make long-term vaccine orders and grouping developing countries into a single large-scale buyer, GAVI is helping make life-saving new vaccines more affordable for the world's poorest.

    14 April 2010

    EB 2011 Fig 11 Hib vaccine

    Hib Initiative: a GAVI success story

    The GAVI-funded Hib Initiative paved the way for low-income countries to introduce vaccines against Haemophilus influenzae type b infection


    24 November 2009

    Andrew Witty Vietnam Partners' Forum 2009

    AMC changes mindset of pharmaceutical industry

    Addressing the 4th GAVI Partners' Forum, Andrew Witty, GlaxoSmithKline CEO, pays tribute to the catalytic role of the Advanced Market Commitment (AMC).

    15 September 2009

    Uganda INS 2009 AD syringes box

    GAVI catalyses new injection safety standards

    It would be a cruel irony if an injection to prevent one disease merely inflicted another. Yet, without safe injection practices, expanding vaccine coverage in the age of highly transmissible diseases such as HIV/AIDS, runs a very real risk of spreading infection.

    30 July 2009

    Penta tabbed feature image 1

    GAVI role in ever-growing demand for pentavalent

    Despite the advantages of the 5-in-1 pentavalent vaccine, political will to drive widespread roll-out was lacking -- until GAVI support played a key role in changing market conditions.

    01 September 2008

    GAVI helps Côte d’Ivoire stop yellow fever epidemic

    Côte d'Ivoire staves off a yellow fever epidemic in its capital Abidjan thanks to an emergency preventive campaign financed by GAVI.

    30 June 2008

    Child being weighed at Mpwapwa, Tanzania

    GAVI boosts immunisation rates in rural Tanzania

    GAVI's performance-based funding ensures basic vaccines reach even the most remote districts of Tanzania

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