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Access Gavi’s technical update about Gavi policies, processes and country programme updates

09 December 2016

Programme Bulletin December 2016

The Bulletin facilitates information sharing and dialogue on country experiences and best practices for implementing Gavi programmes. This edition features Niger, Liberia, Honduras and Nepal.

08 October 2015

Programme Bulletin October 2015

Your platform to share successes, stories and best practices – 4th Edition.

22 May 2015

Programme Bulletin May 2015

This quarter’s Bulletin will lead you into Nepal’s experience in being the first Gavi country to introduce IPV. You will also read about Dr Sawadogo’s personal journey at the Gavi Pledging Conference in Berlin earlier this year, among other experiences from the ground. [Spanish]

07 November 2013

Programme Bulletin November 2013

In this second edition, in addition to other content, find information related to GAVI’s co-financing policy and to the monitoring and evaluation framework for Health System Strengthening. [Spanish]

24 July 2013

Programme Bulletin July 2013

Welcome to the first edition of the GAVI Alliance Programme Bulletin, a new information resource designed specifically for implementing partners in all countries supported by GAVI. [Spanish]


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