The Investment Opportunity

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Investing Together for a Healthy Future: details of the Gavi vision and investment opportunity for 2016-2020

Renewed investment from donors, together with co-financing from recipient countries and support from vaccine manufacturers, will help immunise an additional 300 million children from 2016-2020.

This will result in 5-6 million lives saved and economic benefits of US$ 80-100 billion.

  • For full details of the Gavi investment opportunity, download the prospectus here | [French].
  • An Executive Summary of the document is available here | [French].

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance 2016-2020. An additional US$ 7.5 billion over 5 years will:

  • immunise 300 million additional children, resulting in: 
    • 5-6 million lives saved
    • fully protected children increase from 5% to 50%
    • economic benefits total $80 to $100 billion  
  • protect past investments and pave the way to sustainability: 
    • All countries co-financing
    • 22 graduated countries
    • strengthened health systems
    • transformed vaccine market  
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