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Upfront agreements between countries and Gavi on the key metrics used to report on and monitor grant performance during implementation


Gavi’s performance framework is an upfront agreement between a country and Gavi on the key metrics used to report on and monitor grant performance during implementation. Each of the indicators in the performance framework includes agreed baselines, target, data source and reporting schedule.

There is one performance framework covering all Gavi grants active in a country (vaccines, health system strengthening support, vaccine introduction grants, campaign support, demonstration programmes).

The performance framework reflects the intended results chains for all the Gavi grants – tracking key inputs (especially the utilisation rate for all cash support), key activities, intermediate results (mostly for health system strengthening) and intended outcomes (especially vaccine coverage and equity).

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The performance framework is intended to facilitate regular and systematic collation and tracking of results on an ongoing basis. This is made possible because the performance framework is housed on an online platform accessible to stakeholders throughout the year.


The performance framework consists of a combination of core and tailored indicators.

Core Indicators: The 20 core indicators are mandatory and have been chosen because of their centrality to Gavi’s mission and decision-making criteria. They are based on standard definitions and are already, in almost every case, being monitored by countries – particularly through the Joint Reporting Form (JRF) which countries submit to WHO and UNICEF annually.

Tailored Indicators: Core indicators are unlikely to be sufficient to measure performance along each grant’s result chain because of specific objectives that vary across grants. So they need to be complemented by a small number of additional indicators which are tailored to the specific objectives of each grant in order to ensure the performance framework provides a complete overview of performance for each type of support provided.

The process of a country developing a proposal for new support from Gavi will include proposing relevant additional targets for core indicators, and if necessary tailored indicators, for the country performance framework.


Gavi is currently drafting performance frameworks for all countries based on existing grants, baselines, targets and M&E frameworks.

These will then be discussed with and validated by countries and in-country partners, then submitted for endorsement by the interagency coordinating committee (ICC)/health sector coordinating committee (HSCC) before they begin to be used.

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US$ 80-100 billion

Investing in Gavi’s 2016-2020 strategy has the potential to deliver US$ 80-100 billion in costs averted related to illness, such as productivity loss due to death/disability, treatment costs, caretaker productivity loss and transport costs.

Stack M et al. Estimated economic benefits during Decade of Vaccines, Health Affairs 2011

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