Keep informed about the latest stories related to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

6 January 2022

Long Covid is Pitting Patients Against Doctors. That’s A Problem.

Health care professionals must act swiftly to ensure frustrated patients don’t fall victim to misinformation.

6 January 2022

How Omicron could make other variants less dangerous

Research from South Africa has found another way in which Omicron could replace Delta and potentially make it less dangerous by boosting immunity to the latter variant.

6 January 2022

COVID-19 means that Pakistani transgender people are even more marginalised

Trans rights organisations such as the Good Thinker Organisation are working to ensure that Pakistan’s transgender community recovers from the hardship that COVID-19 has wrought.

5 January 2022

The impact of COVAX in Laos

Vaccination started off slow, but has steadily increased over 2021 thanks to public health messaging and vaccine deliveries.

4 January 2022

How can scientists update coronavirus vaccines for omicron?

A microbiologist answers 5 questions about how Moderna and Pfizer could rapidly adjust mRNA vaccines.

4 January 2022

Uganda: Taking vaccines to the people

The country is on a major vaccination drive to ensure that people are protected and the economy can recover.

24 December 2021

12 Days of COVAX

All around the world, COVAX deliveries are helping to protect frontline health workers, reach nomadic communities, reunite families and allow schools to reopen. Since deliveries began in March, #VaccinesWork has been publishing snapshots that show the impact these vaccines are having on the every day lives of families worldwide.

23 December 2021

#VaccinesWork’s top 11 articles of 2021

2021 has been another tumultuous pandemic year. #VaccinesWork has been there through every twist and turn in our collective pandemic story, covering the latest science, bringing new perspectives from countries across the world and digging into the wider global health stories that might go unnoticed as we focus on COVID-19. Here’s eleven stories from a year in global health that will have ramifications for years to come.

22 December 2021

Greetings from the North Pole to the Polarised North: street art Santa arrives in Germany

An expression of frustration with vaccine skeptics, German street artist and former immunologist Lapiz's new work is not your typical Christmas card.

22 December 2021

How the public came together to support COVID-19 vaccines for the world’s most vulnerable

People around the world have demonstrated global solidarity by donating to the COVAX Facility, providing vaccines to those who would otherwise have no access.

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