Keep informed about the latest stories related to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

9 July 2021

Nigeria: A different kind of vaccine “store”?

How a makeshift health centre is providing a lifeline to communities in Nigeria.

9 July 2021

Why Africa’s push to make vaccines should look further than COVID-19

Vaccine manufacturing doesn't come cheap. It depends heavily on support from developed countries. It also takes much more than relaxing intellectual property rights and a desire for vaccine equity.

9 July 2021

Are new variants making the COVID-19 virus as deadly as SARS?

Although related to the virus that caused the SARS pandemic in 2003, the COVID-19 virus has never seemed as deadly – until now.

8 July 2021

Handwashing ‘impossible’ for one in three amid COVID-19

One in three unable to properly wash hands at home during COVID-19 – WHO-UNICEF. Progress on water, sanitation and hygiene ‘must quadruple’ to meet 2030 target. Investment and prioritisation needed ‘at the highest levels’.

8 July 2021

Is COVID-19 effectively already endemic?

Will the pandemic go out with a fizzle or a bang? And what does “living with the virus” actually mean, and when will we get there?

8 July 2021

Opinion: Reach 'zero-dose' children to build back better

We must seize this opportunity to shape our COVID-19 response as a chance to achieve better equity and social justice. What better way to do that than to focus on zero-dose children?

7 July 2021

COVID variants: could dangerous new ones evolve in pets and farm animals?

Early results from several studies have found that pets can pick up COVID-19 from their owner – but they are unlikely to be dangerous as a result.

7 July 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine race

Scientists around the world are working faster than ever to develop and produce vaccines that can stop the spread of COVID-19. Since the emergence of this novel coronavirus in December 2019, more than a dozen vaccines have started to be rolled out. Here is an at-a-glance overview of those vaccines and recent developments of those vaccine candidates in clinical trials.

7 July 2021

Five ways to mitigate India’s third COVID-19 wave

India’s second wave of COVID-19 has devastated the country through a perfect storm of new variants, low vaccination uptake and a shortage of medical equipment and supplies. Here’s what we need to understand about the ongoing second wave to prepare for the next one.

6 July 2021

India’s “Covaxin” vaccine shows high efficacy against COVID-19 infections in phase 3 trial

A vaccine that had previously been authorised by the Indian government ahead of phase 3 trials now show promising results. This could add to the global armoury of vaccines against COVID-19.

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