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This week in vaccines – 11th February 2018

This week, a pioneering study demonstrated a clear link between vaccination and overcoming poverty. More good news followed, as a cholera outbreak came to an end in South Sudan, and the first freeze-free vaccine carrier started a life-saving journey in Nepal.  Gavi CEO Seth Berkley also reflected on January’s World Economic Forum meeting by arguing that innovative partnerships are the way forward in a world of fractured politics.

The World Health Organization named ten key threats to global health (including some that are vaccine preventable) as well as releasing their priority list of dangerous diseases in need of vaccines and drugs.  Meanwhile Nature drew attention a to the ongoing challenge of cholera and how a surging vaccine stockpile could help conquer it, and pneumonia, the biggest killer of children, was the topic of a letter to the Financial Times.

Finally, organisations from across the scientific community united to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, including those who helped invent the vaccines we now use to save lives!

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