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This week in vaccines

6th December 2015

Polio was back in the news this week as India took a huge step towards cementing progress against the disease by introducing inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). The WHO also continued to celebrate the disappearance of particular strains of the virus.

Months after Nepal’s earthquake, partners shared stories of the health systems’s recovery and the country’s determination to keep immunising children, as well as ongoing efforts to measure vaccine impact. 

Measles was in the headlights again, after it was called out as a sign of weak immunisation systems and bigger global health problems. In response to measles’ continued global death toll, Gavi and its vaccine partners pledged to work harder to defeat the disease through strengthened routine immunisation programs.  

Finally, a video from Cameroon explored the power of the cholera vaccine to protect the world’s most vulnerable people by following an immunisation campaign at a refugee camp. 

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