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This week in vaccines

7th February 2016

This week World Cancer Day was the centre of attention, with vaccines celebrated as a powerful (yet in some cases still underused) tool for preventing some major causes of the disease. 

All eyes were also on India, as it emerged that a company there had been researching a Zika vaccine for more than a year already. For existing routine immunisation in India, innovation and native manufacturing were put forward as lifesaving solutions, and Global Citizen introduced Anuradha Gupta, from the same country, who’s championing vaccines for every child. 

There was good news as researchers found that Hib vaccine (which protects against an infection causing pneumonia and meningitis) had proven very effective across 3 doses in Kenya. 

Finally, our friends at PATH looked back at CDC’s history of helping prevent disease with some old-school posters. and probed into the potential of knowledge sharing between countries for improving immunisation. 

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