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What do vaccine heroes look like?

You won’t spot these individuals wearing capes or colourful costumes, but the contributions they’ve made to saving lives around the world are still awesome. 

In this historic portrait, Annie Leibovitz captures the people linked to the development of several life-saving vaccines. The portrait subjects from left to right on the top row are: Dr. Stanley Plotkin, developer of the rubella vaccine; Deborah Sabin whose father, Dr. Albert Sabin, developed the oral polio vaccine; Dr. Ruth Bishop led a team that isolated rotavirus and helped to discover the vaccine; Dr. Kim Lee Sim and Dr. Stephen Hoffman are working on a new malaria vaccine; Dr. Peter Salk whose father, Dr. Jonas Salk, developed the inactivated polio vaccine; and Dr. Marc Laforce is founding director of the Meningitis Vaccine Project. From left to right on the bottom row the subjects are: Dr. Xiao Yi-Sun whose late husband, Dr. Jian Zhou, co-developed the human papillomavirus vaccine with Dr. Ian Frazer; Dr. Peter Paradiso has worked on multiple vaccines, particularly for pneumococcal disease; and Jeryl Hilleman whose father, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, developed or perfected more than thirty vaccines, including eight used in vaccine programs around the world today.

Portrait from the Art of Saving a Life

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