4 May 2021

There will be no recovery without equity

The impact of COVID-19 threatens to reverse hard-worn strides in global health. Without immediate investments, we will miss our chance to save lives and help countries recover from the pandemic and build the human capital needed for a resilient recovery.

28 April 2021

Working to extend the reach of immunisation in South Sudan

One-fifth of zero-dose children live in conflict settings. In South Sudan, Gavi has been working with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to reach the children being left behind.

27 April 2021

Reaching zero-dose children in Rajasthan

9.7 million children in 57 Gavi-supported countries remain unvaccinated and at risk. Why are these children missing out? In Bikaner, Rajasthan, VaccinesWork meets two families who simply never landed on the health system’s radar.

16 April 2021

Women on the frontline: delivering COVID-19 vaccines on the Kenya-Somalia border

Al-Shabaab has forced the shutdown of health facilities close to the Somalia border in Northern Kenya. A group of women activists are fighting back, ensuring COVID-19 vaccines reach the most vulnerable.

15 April 2021

COVID-19 ‘led to rise in stillbirths, maternal deaths’

Maternal health in low- and middle-income countries hit hard by COVID-19. Global review analysed stillbirth, maternal death rates from 17 countries. Maternity care must be prioritised during global health crisis, says report 

13 April 2021

How to Stop the Poverty Pandemic

Experience shows that innovative and evidence-based approaches, when executed well, can dent poverty. With the COVID-19 pandemic threatening to reverse hard-won global gains, the need for policy-relevant research, and for scaling effective solutions, has never been more urgent.

30 March 2021

The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer Explained

COVAX was designed to ensure the most vulnerable in every country get access to COVID-19 vaccines. But what about people in conflict zones or humanitarian settings that can’t be reached by government vaccination campaigns? Last week Gavi approved a ‘Humanitarian Buffer’ to ensure no one is left behind. Here’s how it works.

22 March 2021

Tariah Adams: on tap for women and girls’ right to water, sanitation and hygiene

In today’s blog post, we’re featuring a fierce and passionate female WASH advocate from Nigeria. Tariah Adams, a Senior Communications and Advocacy Officer for White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria and campaign mobilizer, she has a personal interest in making sure every woman has access to healthcare. In particular, she is advocating ensuring that those facilities where midwives and other health professionals work every day have access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

19 March 2021

A year of #VaccinesWork in 10 articles celebrating women in global health

To mark the first anniversary of #VaccinesWork, we look back at some of the most read articles on COVID-19 during an unprecedented year for global health.

9 March 2021

Gavi’s commitment to gender equality wins praise

Global Health 50/50 Index places Gavi among the top 5% of organisations that are active in global health.

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