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About VaccinesWork

VaccinesWork is an award-winning digital platform hosted by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance covering news, features and explainers from every corner of global health and immunisation.

Produced by experienced journalists from across the world, our aim is to provide:

  • science explainers giving you the facts behind vaccines, COVID-19 and human health, verified by our in-house expert review team;
  • stories giving a ground-level perspective on the biggest health challenges and successes from communities across the globe;
  • a look back at the history of health and a look forward at developments to come;
  • special series on everything from the impact of COVID-19 on our collective culture to the disease detectives searching for the next pandemic;
  • news and stories from Gavi and our partners across the Vaccine Alliance.

The majority of our writers are independent journalists and articles published on VaccinesWork do not necessarily reflect the views of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. All VaccinesWork articles, unless stated, are available to be republished online or in print free of charge. Please contact the email address below for further information.

The VaccinesWork writers network now encompasses more than 70 independent journalists contributing news and features from over 40 countries, highlighted below.

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