Review: Cutting for Stone

Bring your tissues: Abraham Verghese’s coming-of-age story explores colonialism and global health through a beautifully written tale of family, love and medicine.

Review: Preventing The Next Pandemic: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-Science

Dr Peter J. Hotez’ timely and important book underlines the fact that we need vaccine diplomacy now more than ever to overcome threats to our health.

Review: Survivors – Hope and Resilience in the Time of Ebola

The Sierra Leonean documentary is a complex portrait of courageous solidarity amid contagion.

Review: 93 Days

In 2014, Nigeria escaped an Ebola pandemic in the span of 93 days because of the bravery and quick response of health care workers in Lagos. As the world fights through the COVID-19 pandemic, the film 93 Days – though grim – is a hopeful reminder of humanity’s capacity to overcome.

Review: The Cutter Incident by Paul Offit

Offit’s sobering inquiry into “one of the worst biological disasters in American history” is a work of unflinching investigative journalism which lands, finally, not as a whodunit, but as a tribute to modern systems of meticulous vaccine regulation.

Review: The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin

Mnookin’s 2011 investigation of the spread of anti-vax feeling is a pandemic-era must-read.

Q&A: Vaccine – The Human Story

Dr Annie Kelly, writer and host of a new podcast which tells the story of the smallpox vaccine, talks to #VaccinesWork.

Review: COVID, Quickly – A Scientific American podcast series

This series cuts through the noise to help you catch up with the latest COVID-19 developments in an entertaining and digestible way.

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