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Arlinda Guonan, Head of Vaccination Programmes in Maputo, Mozambique

“My name is Arlinda and I’m in charge of the vaccination programme in Maputo municipality.

I wake up at 4:30am, because I live outside of Maputo. I start my work at 7:30am. I visit health posts, I pay visits to districts. Overall, our district hospitals and health posts vaccinate at least one thousand children in one day.

I started by taking a basic course of environment sanitation, afterwards I worked in a health centre, and then became a community health leader in Zamacamu hospital. I was later transferred to Maputo city directorate to be the chief of the public health education programme. In 2011 I was appointed the chief of vaccination programmes for Maputo region and Maputo city, and I am still here today.

My biggest motivation is that I like working with people and for the community. I love working with children. It is my huge passion and I’m very proud of what I’m doing.

Immunisation is important because it can get rid of many diseases. So far, the incidences of such diseases, like pneumonia, diarrhoea, measles, polio have been greatly reduced. We almost don’t see diphtheria anymore. Vaccines help us achieve this.

I hope that in the future we are able to eradicate all of the vaccine preventable diseases for the future of children in Mozambique.”

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