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Inspiring partnerships to save lives

Marie Ange (right) with Bank of Ireland UK’s Sara Holland (centre)  and Jo Thomson (left).

What makes an effective and compelling collaboration between business and global health organisations? This was the key question in last week’s #InspriringPartnerships Twitter chat hosted by Bank of Ireland UK, which featured Marie-Ange Saraka-Yao, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s Managing Director of Resource Mobilisation.

Marie Ange (centre) at the end of the takeover at the Bank of Ireland’s London office.

Employees from across Bank of Ireland UK, global health Tweeters and colleagues from Gavi posed Marie-Ange a series of questions as she took over the @BankOfIrelandUK Twitter handle. Over the following hour, she shared her experiences working in partnership with the private sector, shining light on everything from the basics of global health teamwork to cutting edge technology and innovation.  

Gavi and Bank of Ireland UK have been working together as part of the Bank’s Inspiring Partnerships initiative. Working with the philosophers at The School of Life, Bank of Ireland UK looked at six different ingredients that make partnerships successful, creating a series of videos of real-world Inspiring Partnerships. Gavi was featured in these videos, telling the story of how Khushi Baby and Gavi initiated a project in rural Rajasthan whereby special vaccine tracking necklaces were given to 1,500 children, with medical teams accessing the data and going to the region with the exact medical supplies needed. You can see the full video here.

Here are a few highlights from the joint conversation:

Why are partnerships important for global health and vaccination in particular?


What does an inspiring partnership look like?

How can new partners get involved?

If you have further questions about Gavi’s work with partners, reach out on Twitter @Gavi & @GaviMarieAnge.

You can find out more about Gavi’s INFUSE initiative here, and more about Bank of Ireland’s Inspiring Partnerships series here.

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