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James Tariak, volunteer nurse and community mobiliser. Tomping IDP camp, Juba, South Sudan

“Every day we receive so many children wanting to be vaccinated, their parents realise that in this camp, where people ran for safety when war started, conditions are very poor. Their children can fall sick at any time. 

“We walk around the camp with a loudhailer speaking the language of the people here, telling them to bring their children to our temporary clinic, it’s just a big tent but even though it is simple, we can help many children. 

“The mothers here tell me they feel helpless sometimes. It is not their fault they had to run away from their comfortable homes and be here in the rain and mud in this camp. They want to help their children, but they feel powerless. At least by bringing them here for routine vaccinations, they know they are still doing everything they can.” 


Photo: Gavi/Mike Pflanz


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