Nomads in lockdown: COVAX reaches the Mongolian steppes

As COVAX vaccines reach rural Batsumber in Mongolia, livestock herders hope that the loneliness of the pandemic era will soon come to an end.

13 Jul 2021 | 4:11




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23 July 2021

How effective are COVID-19 vaccines in the real-world?

Real-world data is starting shed light on the performance of COVID-19 vaccines in less than perfect conditions.

28 June 2021

A roadmap to recovery

The Immunization Agenda 2030’s new scorecard visualizes a journey toward pandemic recovery and global immunization progress.

24 June 2021

How the pandemic is fuelling antimicrobial resistance

For years, a growing number of infections that are resistant to antimicrobials has offered us a grim glimpse into a future with increasingly untreatable diseases. Now, COVID-19 has made antimicrobial resistance so much worse.

21 June 2021

Giving 110%: Eswatini’s early rollout of COVID-19 vaccines

Eswatini received its first batch of 32 000 Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines in late March. 12 000 came through the COVAX facility and 20,000 through a donation from the Indian Government.

21 June 2021

Q&A with Sterling and Seth: Spotlight on COVAX

What do the CEO of the Vaccine Alliance and the star of a hit US TV show have in common? They both want to raise awareness about COVID-19 vaccines and COVAX’s role in getting the world vaccinated.

15 June 2021

Five things we know about the Delta variant (and two things we don't)

The Delta (B.1.617.2) variant of SARS CoV-2 was first detected in India and is rapidly spreading around the world. Here’s what we know about it so far.

7 June 2021

Can dogs be trained to sniff out COVID-19?

Various countries are training dogs to detect coronavirus, and the results of early clinical trials are looking promising. 

7 May 2021

Expediting COVID-19 vaccination could prevent millions of deaths and save billions of dollars

Increasing vaccination coverage by even 1% can save thousands of lives and millions of dollars in medical and economic costs.

30 April 2021

The vaccinators fighting polio in Rawalpindi

In pockets of vaccine resistance like Fauji Colony in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, children remain at risk of crippling polio. VaccinesWork meets the polio workers going door-to-door to change minds and protect children’s futures.

29 April 2021

Understanding vaccine hesitancy: Cha’s story

A new documentary tells a powerful tale of families overcoming every obstacle to protect their children from vaccine preventable disease.

29 April 2021

Helping children thrive through soap and vaccines

In Uttar Pradesh, India, over 1,000 children die every day from preventable diseases. Gavi’s long-standing partnership with Unilever and Lifebuoy has helped to reach 2.5 million people with essential vaccines and soap, while also leveraging the…

26 April 2021

The Zero-Dose Child: Explained

Despite decades of progress increasing access to immunisation in lower-income countries, nearly 10 million children still go without basic, routine vaccines every year. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is now focusing on reaching these zero-dose…

Last updated: 15 Jul 2021

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