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@Vaccines: on the right PATH

Taking the reins of @Vaccines this week is a dynamic duo from PATH: Lippi Doshi and Hope Randall.

Lippi Doshi is a senior communications associate at PATH. She’s worked in the field of vaccines since 2007 where she first became involved with the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative at Sabin Vaccine Institute. She then studied vaccine science and policy at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Today she spends much of her time at PATH tweeting for @PATHadvocacy and using social media to build awareness of the importance of increasing immunization coverage in the US and abroad. No child should be without the protection of lifesaving immunization! Lippi will sign her tweets with “LD.”

As a founding member of PATH’s @DefeatDD Initiative, which started in 2009, you can bet that Hope Randall will highlight two things on @Vaccines this week: (1) vaccines as a key component of an integrated approach to child health and (2) all things poo-related, like the incredible unfolding story of rotavirus vaccines. As a sucker for inspirational stories, she’ll also share some of her favorite multimedia pieces from PATH and other partners that illustrate the lifesaving impact of vaccines. Hope will sign her tweets with “HR.”


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