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Alice Pori, Walag’lang, South Sudan

“Here where I live in this village, it has been very difficult to find medicines for the children. I had to travel far to the city for them to be given immunisations, and my fourth child, it was too late. He died of measles before he could be given the injection. This has made me very determined to vaccinate all of the children, and now in fact there is a clinic in our village where there are some of these medicines, and we can take the children for protection. We can only ask and pray that this continues, because there are so many children here who need this help.

“I think you cannot understand how the conditions are if you are from outside [the country]. I live quite close to Juba, our capital city, maybe it is 5 miles away. But to reach there by vehicle from my house is not possible in the rainy season, which here continues for half the year. Even a motorcycle can fail to reach there. We have to walk. When that child was sick with measles, I had to walk and carry him to that hospital. I cannot say for sure, but if I had reached there quicker, or if there were facilities here in my village, would he not still be alive with me and his brothers and sisters today?”


Photo: Gavi/Mike Pflanz

This is the first in the series of vaccine portraits we’ll be posting on Vaccines Work. To suggest people whose portraits we can feature to explore the importance of vaccines around the world, simply use the ‘submit’ button.

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