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Lucy Tombe, Nursing supervisor, Magna Children At Risk temporary immunisation clinic, Tomping IDP camp. Juba, South Sudan.

“I am in charge of the Magna team here, we are a Gavi partner in South Sudan, and we are carrying out daily immunisations for children of families who ran here for protection when the war started in December 2013. These children face many difficulties – when they fled their homes, their mothers could only carry what they were wearing. It means they don’t have the right clothes to protect them now the rainy season is here. Now there is malaria, there is the worry of measles, or of diarrhoea, or respiratory diseases. We had a cholera outbreak recently. We’re trying to protect all of them as best as we can, but more arrive every day. 

“Living here is very undignified. People before had nice houses, with good shelter, maybe even electricity or running water. Here they sleep in tents that leak, and walk through puddles of water and excrement. You can see how illnesses can spread in these circumstances. At the same time, because of the disruption, routine vaccinations were interrupted. That’s why what we are doing is so important.” 


Photo: Gavi/Mike Pflanz


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