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Maseray Coker (right), lead mother in Waterloo community, Sierra Leone

“I have about 30 mothers that I teach about how to care for their children and take them for immunisation, so that they will not be sick. There are some mothers, who will tell you ‘I have to pick my vegetables, I have things to do, I won’t be able to go’ so I ask them to give me the child and give me the health card. All of these things are strenuous, because I have to use part of my own money to take a bike taxi to the hospital. Even when I get there, I have to wait a long time before the child gets immunised. The distance is far, but I don’t have money to take a bike, I have to walk.

I do this because I have seen the way my child has grown. During the war, when I had my first child, I could only have her immunised once. Now I am in this community, I take all my children for immunisation.
I am pleading with the government for any support to help these mothers to take their children for immunisation. Right now I have no financial support. I am only doing it willingly because I wish to help others.”

This portrait was taken from an interview filmed by Focus 1000, Sierra Leone

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