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Nexleaf innovation for @Vaccines

This week @Vaccines follow Caroline Kania’s journey across Kenya and Tanzania. As the Project Coordinator at Nexleaf Analytics for East Africa, Caroline oversees Nexleaf’s immunization program ColdTrace in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Kenya. Coldtrace is wireless remote temperature monitoring solution designed to help keep vaccine refrigerators working well in rural clinics, keeping shots safe and effective. 

Based in Kenya, Caroline brings over ten years of experience in humanitarian logistics. She previously served as the EPI Logistics Officer for World Health Organization (WHO) Kenya office, which gave her an appreciation of the supply chain processes and challenges, especially in immunization. She is currently pursuing a MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management with University of Salford Online programme. Her energetic personality has occasionally been attributed to her love of coffee and chocolates.

Caroline is excited to be part of Nexleaf to bring visibility to cold chain solutions in her country and region. Join Caroline as she shares innovation insights from Kenya and Tanzania @Vaccines and discover how data is strengthening the immunization system from the bottom up.

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