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Red Noses for @Vaccines

This week @Vaccines is curated by the Washington, DC staff of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. They’ll be tweeting Vax Facts and getting seriously silly in advance of Red Nose Day USA.

What does wearing a red nose have to do with vaccines? The event and its sponsors and partners are helping Gavi point to the power of vaccines and their huge, measurable impact on saving lives and improving communities. With the donations from Red Nose Day, more vaccines can be purchased and distributed to countries in need where they will save lives just as they have done since 2000 – half billion children vaccinated, 7 million lives saved, and that’s just the beginning. Looking ahead, Gavi’s vision is to ramp up this number, reaching an additional 300 million children between 2016 and 2020, preventing a further 5-6 million more deaths.

Gavi Washington DC will be busy taking snaps of themselves nosing around DC to promote Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day’s US broadcast comedy show and fundraiser on May 26 at 9pm on NBC (with Craig Ferguson, Julianne Moore, Jack Black, Tracy Morgan and other celebs). As one of the charity partners benefiting from Comic Relief’s second Red Nose Day USA, their job is to get as many red noses out into as many communities and neighborhoods as they can. They’ll be sharing some of the best photo submissions from staff and friends @Vaccines along with daily Vax Facts.

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